The Misadventures of Ziam (PART 1)

The boys’ tour bus pulled up to their hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. As they got off the bus, they took pictures with the couple of fans awaiting their arrival. They checked into their hotel rooms & settled down.

Liam looked out of the hotel window & admired the bright lights on Broadway. “We still have time to do whatever we’d like! Why not hit the town for a bit?” Liam suggested. “Well I am mighty tired, so I’m gonna catch up on my sleep.” Said Louis.
“I think Harry & I want to possibly hit up a few shops.” Said Niall.
Harry emerged from the bathroom pants less, with a taco in his hand. “Yeah, oh Niall, we should also take a ride on one of those horse buggies they have around town!” Harry said excitedly.

"Harry, why.." Liam chuckles & shakes his head. "Anyway, sounds good. Zayn? Seems like we have the evening to ourselves!" Zayn gives a nice smile "Aha let’s go out & adventure a bit, shall we?"

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